With the protracted delay of this assignmen
t leaving readers to wonder about its status, here is an update as of April 15th. Mola-Mola still aren't in formal production. They expect to sign off on enclosure proofs from their latest supplier and hope to have solved the finishing issues which plagued the earlier chassis makers by the Munich HighEnd show in May. Our writers had been supplied OEM demonstrator versions when a serious malfunction of one of their source components took out the voice coils of their AER drivers. In the process of determining cause, those earlier loaners were returned to the maker. He determined a DC incident as shown in the log files of the amps' circuitry. The amps did not cause the incident, they simply didn't shut down when the direct source-to-amp connection's lack of galvanic isolation passed on direct current to the speakers. Those OEM demonstrators hadn't been otherwise affected and were promptly returned to Marja & Henk. A later pre-production pair of the Kaluga monos for review was recalled when Bruno Putzeys needed two pairs for demo purposes. That pair has not been returned. Because our writers had A/B'd the four monos whilst still around, they knew how the Mola-Mola amps were better than the Hypex demonstrators. The assignment thus cannot be completed with their own OEM versions. We were told to expect formal production Kaluga samples after the Munich show. By mid July we learnt that "Fischer Elektronik have finally confirmed a delivery schedule which has the first batch of cases arriving in September. Products will be assembled and shipped from that point onwards. All products manufactured so far have been shipped to distributors to fill some of the longest standing orders."