How small is small? The Allegro's footprint proved to be roughly that of a Harry Potter paperback. Overall thickness equalled about two stacked HPs. Hidden beneath the 5mm clamshell extrusion, albeit in rather non-photogenic fashion, awaited the innards. What one mostly sees is an upside-down circuit board on standoffs. Only two trim pots face up. This green roof shields the entrails not so much from prying eyes but certainly a proper bird's eye camera lens. The central plaza is occupied by the power toroid. Filling up remaining space between it and the front panel are 4 x 150'000µF Epcos capacitors; and the two power transistors mounted against the inside of the faceplate. This has the outside border of each transistor flank the inside of one heat sink. Hence the entire fascia—and by extension, all connecting metal aka the rest of the case—effectively become the combined radiator surface. The space between transformer and rear panel is taken up by a small blue powerline transformer/choke; a relay; and three fuses. Assorted small bits and bobs populate the dark side of the moons - er, PCB.

And that's all she said. Cute as a Charles Dickens? You bet your artful dodger. Here we see why Ivo sidestepped the NOS word. Whilst properly based on Hitachi's lateral Mosfet concept, the actual output devices are sourced from Exicon instead: same type but current not unobtainium production.

The power indicator triggered with the frontal standby toggle illuminates a trendy blue (of course there's a formal power mains on the rear)...

... whilst the nutters amongst the torque brigade can leave their assorted wrenches in the garage and rely on finger tightening their spades instead - unless of course they go bananas like yours truly and slip in smoothly. Either way, what could be simpler? That the toggle between the XLR and RCA ought to lean in the direction of the desired input goes without saying. Though an owner's manual is included, it's entirely redundant if you just want to listen; exactly how a power amp ought to be designed. Curses are reserved for the PCfi crowd where little works straight out of the box or doesn't require a good amount of futzing around. The Allegros are plug'n'play and moving them about won't rupture a disc.