Kharma founder Charles van Oosterum expanded a tad on the cabinet construction: "The shape of the cabinet is a polygon. It’s shaped to minimize diffractions on the baffle and therefore minimize secondary sources of sound which the ear could lock on to. The thickness is 35mm and there is double bracing in critical places to further suppress any resonances and minimize structure-born resonances."

The optional gloss-black machined aluminium ‘Spiked Disc Suspension System’ (SDSS) outriggers provided for this review and priced at a substantial €2’000 are exemplary of finish and in more practical terms, provide functional stability. They attach to the underside of the speaker via a set of Allen bolts and widen the footprint, enhance the looks and provide extra tweeter height whilst potentially positively affecting bass tonality and character. Adjustable heavy-duty machined cones are included and couple to large chromed discs which will protect your floor finish whilst potentially improving sonics. So, overall they may be pricey but to many their potential sonic benefits and extraordinary build quality will be money well spent.

Indeed rather elegantly, a thin chromed ‘Elegance’ plate adorns the sides of the speakers whilst around the back the audio jewellery fest continues. Chromed Kharma branding plates, a large reflex port with deep flaring also chromed and customized Cardas binding posts—allowing effective hand-tightening and easy connection to your speaker cable du jour—are all positioned within a massive ridged aluminium plate. Kharma have opted for a simple 2-way configuration for this small and dainty floorstander. Towards the top of the enclosure, the tapered shape and rounded edges provide dispersion and image-improving opportunities whilst the raked back and angled baffle may provide driver acoustic alignment.

Kharma design certain elements of their drivers and in this case the S7 uses a ‘true Beryllium’ tweeter which sits within a moderately flared mounting plate etched with Kharma branding (a truncated pyramidal graphic that the company carry throughout a number of styling aspects). The tweeter’s protective metal grille also bears this branding which forms the shape of the perforations. Closely placed below the tweeter is the Kharma Composite Driver (KCD) 'rocket science/F1'-tech 7-inch mid/woofer (the single 7 in S7). This advanced composite material developed by Kharma bares a visual resemblance to carbon fibre.

Van Oosterum expanded on the 7-inch driver by saying that “the driver in the standard S7 is made of carbon fibre whereas the shape of the cone has been optimized by FEA (finite element analysis) to make it as stiff as possible given the perimeter of the cone and size of the voice coil. The directions of the carbon-fibre layup as well as the method of compressing these fibres are proprietary. The S7-S has even higher tensile strength fibres, the most advanced in the industry. Kharma are now well on their way to fully engineering the whole driver as we bought a patent for a new magnet motor. We are creating our own chassis as well. In other words, we are the creator of a new range of Kharma drivers since we believe that this can add to our extremely determined goal of making the best sounding dynamic loudspeakers. Of course it all starts at the drivers. At the moment, we have many companies working with us for the different parts of the driver, the chassis, the voice coil, the tooling and the cones."