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To document his design's particular focus on the time domain, Jeffrey Torno supplied the following measurements.

Unlike the often very messy behaviour of highly accoladed three- and more-ways but even simpler speakers with phase-inverted poorly integrated drivers, the Horizon's step response looks text-book perfect.

So does the impulse response which shows very fast settling time without any pronounced ringing.

The square wave response shows little overshoot and nicely steep rising and falling edges.

This partial 200Hz to 20kHz response plot shows the combined frequency response, individual driver responses and their combined phase. Once again amplitude linearity and phase response (albeit gradually rising at LF it displays no sudden deviations) are admirably even. The real question of course was still unanswered. What did the other half of that equation look like for the speaker's behaviour between 20Hz and 200Hz? How much of the saddle response of traditional ported alignments would remain and how steep would its phase angles be to demonstrate Jefferson's claim that his loading falls halfway between vented and sealed?

I requested a final measurement to illuminate that aspect.