With Swiss precision on our power line netting a momentarily smack-on 230V to spec, the PC-4 got to show off its crisp blue three-digit display.

Beneath its bonnet, the PC-4 would flaunt similarly Swiss/German law and order as expected from prior evidence.

As already described, the circuit starts with this two-pole Carling circuit breaker to which, as they are everywhere else, connections are made with sturdily crimped then bolted interfaces.

Here are more bolts and the textbook silver-plated power distribution rails of GigaWatt's own duplex outlets. There's absolutely nothing Mickey Mouse or precious about this scheme. For high current, this is how it ought to be done.

These three rails distribute power once it's passed the DC blocker and primary filter and before it splits into the three branches dedicated to specific gear.

Then it's out the back and into your gear, with the PowerCon connector on GigaWatt's girthy cord requiring a twist to lock and make contact. Said cord sports a milled-from-solid aluminium casing for its silver-bladed power plug and a chunky aluminium barrel with deep logo engraving in the middle to look the posh part and the serious business. The quads of outlets are cleary marked digital, analog and high current. It's unlikely that the vast majority of potential owners would have sufficient hifi gear to plug in, much less exceed 12 outlets. The PC-4 would seem to cover all eventualities.

Status quo. The majority of my gear sits in a Spanish Artesania Audio Exoteryc rack on the right sidewall, with a wall socket in the right corner. My amp (or amps if I do mono) plus Zu Submission sub sit in the middle of the front wall which due to its French doors to the balcony lacks all outlets. Hence whatever conditioner feeds the main rack also supplies power to the amps via a long power cord into GigaWatt's PF-2 power bar behind the amp rack. The obvious advantage is that everything hangs off a single wall outlet to eliminate ground potential differences between various spurs. My reference power delivery is from British expat to Spain Cliff Ormand of Vibex. I own his Granada double DC filter topped by his companion Alhambra AC filter. These flounder-style models are encased in machined Krion, a Spanish aluminium-powder-in-resin composite. The Alhambra literally docks atop the Granada. Retail pricing for the duo is €2'000 + €1'600 for the DC and AC filter respectively. That's significantly below the PC-4. There are 8 outlets instead of 12 and there's no surge protection of any kind. That was my status quo which the GigaWatt plugged into.