1/ We define our obligation to our readers as reporting fairly and honestly on the performance of submitted review gear. Because we don't conduct independent measurements, our product descriptions (specs, ratings, circuit specifics, material makeup and other aspects that aren't verifiable otherwise) rely on what the manufacturer provides us with. This in turn is passed on to you in good faith. The manufacturer has previously been provided with a pre-publication copy to assure that objective product design and operational facts in our reviews are stated without error and conveyed in accordance with the maker's intended meaning.

2/ When it comes to a maker's business conduct and customer service; availability and long-term reliability of product; back orders and waiting lists; pricing, franchise, advertising or other disputes between a manufacturer and his chosen sellers or repair facilities; other types of disputes between a maker and his chosen representatives or those acting on his behalf; financial obligations; warranty issues; in short, business matters... it is the sole responsibility of the reader and prospective customer to conduct the necessary due diligence upfront or to engage in necessary action to get satisfaction afterwards. We will not get involved in such disputes or litigation.

3/ When we accept or solicit a review loan, we implicitly assume that the maker has all the necessary rights to the parts, processes and circuits employed and that the submitted product conforms to all pertinent safety regulations and legislature governing the fabrication, usage and sale of such items. Hence we won't get involved in disputes about originality, patents, usage and intellectual property rights, trademarks, non-conformity with safety or emission regulations and related issues.

4/ It should be understood that differences in culture, ethics, business acumen, resources and ability vary between manufacturers and their agents and may additionally change over time. It's important to assure, as well as is possible, that you will obtain product and usage support for your audio equipment when you may need it. Imports rely not only on the ongoing strength of the manufacturer but professional and responsible representation in your own domestic market. Should you decide to self-import or procure products through informal channels, chances are slim to none that you will get service support when you need it. Furthermore, you'll not enjoy any sensible resale value. Second-hand buys may not carry a transferable warranty or could be out of warranty. Small specialty firms may produce exciting and innovative products yet their long-term business model and sustainability in a volatile market could be less assured than that of a multi-national corporation. Especially as components become more expensive, it is important to view them as long-term investments. Unlike Fine Art, such investments become useless when they stop working and cannot be repaired.

5/ Lastly, should repeat and unsolicited reports suggest to us with sufficient urgency that a particular manufacturer may run afoul of common standards in ethics, professional conduct, product reliability or customer service, we shall simply refrain from reviewing such products without further comments. In rare and extreme instances, this could mean pulling a review that's already been announced or published. However, please keep in mind that our abilities to separate rumors, hearsay and isolated incidents from solid fact and widespread practice are handicapped. What's more, they are truly well beyond our purview. We're not investigative journalists on assignments. Our responsibility begins with making a varied and interesting product selection based on personal due diligence and ends with presenting our subjective findings in a visually agreeable, timely and professional manner. While all of our writers make themselves available to e-mail inquiries, those should remain focused on product and compatibility issues. When it comes to business-related questions about manufacturers, dealers or importers, we're simply not equipped to comment and appreciate your understanding. Then it is best to deal directly with the manufacturer or your local representative (dealer or importer).