As you saw, the Basis package as yet offered no music server or streaming.
For that Audiodata have two options. One is the Asset V6 UPnP software, the other is JRiver Media Center 22 which is both a UPnP streamer and complete player. If there is desire to rip CDs to the MusikServer's HDD, Audiodata can include a ripper consisting of an external Teac USB DVD transport with matching USB cable. To do the actual ripping, the MS II will then be preinstalled with dBpoweramp software. Because no one wants to lose their carefully collected music, there is also a backup option comprising software and a choice of backup disks ranging from 2TB to 6TB including cables.

Speaking of cables, there is a power cable on offer by the name of NK12 Premium which includes a filter against the switching power supplies' noise. Next one must select how the Musikserver's digital output is routed. There are two options. The first is the Manunta HiFace USB DAC with matching USB and RCA cables. For this option, Audiodata will install the correct USB driver and provide JRiver settings for the Musikserver. The second option includes a Manunta HiFace USB to S/PDIF bridge with matching cables. Yes, cables in plural as these packages include a USB cable to offload any physical strain on the motherboard that could occur when one of the protruding Manunta devices plugs in directly.  

There also is additional software available that can be preinstalled onto the MS II. A management application can be configured to start and stop the server by means of calendar settings. A Shairport option readies the MS II to receive streaming sources like Tidal and Qobuz. In this case you run Tidal Desktop on a Mac for example and broadcast it via Airport to the MS II. The Basis package includes a free 30-day installation and remote support. This service can be extended to a full year for an additional €170. The service is rendered via TeamViewer remote access and the time slot when the service is actually provided is user selectable. To give Audiodata access to your personal MS II, a username and password are needed. These can be provided either via the Konfigurator webpage or—highly recommended—per separate e-mail. Part of the remote service installs necessary operating system hot fixes, patches, upgrades and similar services for the configured software applications.

For our review we selected the following from the Konfigurator menu: Basis Paket with standard black casing, clear front and white power button at €2'230; 1TB SSD disk for music storage at €730; NK12 Premium power cable at €150; JRiver streaming package at €190 and the USB to S/PDIF converter package at €310. Together the full MS II price came to €3'610 on Audiodata's invoice. Because we like the JRiver Remote, we spent another €10 at the Apple iTunes store for the app. When Audiodata receives the desired options and username/password combination, custom production of your MS II begins. In our case, Peter Schippers, company owner, handled delivery of the finished loaner. With Peter on hand, we had a first-hand tour across the functions of his Musikserver. Next to the personalized MS II the delivery also included a 97-page user manual exclusively in German plus a 1-page quick-start guide.