Some quick eye toggling shows four different circuit boards including the output module which remains recognizable but has undergone permutations to adapt to the upstream alterations. Even the USB module is upgraded to now support 384kHz sample rates up from the 192kHz limit of the illogical MkII. With a rebuild, one assumes that Aqua have to scrap the old boards since new production no longer uses them. Whilst a reviewer can't do da bom—the bill of materials—to break down assemblies into fixed figures, given the extensive overhaul, €1'000 for a retrofit seems very fair against the original's sell price of €4'890 (ex VAT).

The analog board shows different relays, twice the number of capacitors, no more trim pots and changes to the LED current source parts. Except for a change from orange to green LED, the power supply appears unchanged. "Unlike the older version, the new La Scala MKII Optologic, like the Formula, has transformer-based XLR outputs."

How do the MkII's optological bits differ from the Formula? Here is a look at the latter's R2R module showing three of its four ladder modules...

... versus the simpler single board of the MkII Optological. What remains true regardless is exploded parts density. Where competitors get away with a DAC chip smaller than a postage stamp, these discrete R2R ladders require a lot more.