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As in my prior Wireworld review, for me the power cords stood out the most. David’s power cable designs are truly special and unlike anything I’ve tried to date. While I observed the same overall noise reduction, tonal balance and extension of the Aurora power cables, the Silver Electra offered a more open top end that gave massed strings greater sheen and sparkle than the Aurora. There was also a tad more harmonic richness and a greater sense of energy that lent playback a more believable feel. Lastly, here was greater separation between images which the Aurora slightly blurred in direct comparison.

The Silver Electra was excellent in portraying spatial information and recording ambience. Backgrounds and spaces between notes—like with the Aurora—were among the quietest I have heard. Furthermore, dynamic and transient realism were beyond reproach and while this cable didn’t quite deliver the weight and bottom end grunt I would have liked, the bass on offer was agile, tuneful and of considerable punch. Plainly, these power cables boogied. As with the Aurora, the Silver Electra was impressive and at well below $1,000 still attractively priced. I have heard far more expensive power cables that don’t come close to the Silver Electra. My old GutWire Power Clef sounded bloated and sluggish and didn’t come close to tracking dynamic contrasts as well as the Silver Electra.

In conclusion, the more expensive Wireworld cables build upon the already solid performance base of their less costly siblings and take it up several notches.

While I wasn’t as taken by surprise as I was with the Equinox/Starlight/Aurora combo, which in my opinion offers unprecedented performance for the price, the Silver Eclipse, Silver Electra and Gold Starlight loom offered audible improvements in all areas of playback. Sometimes paying more will get you more. This was certainly true here. Placed within an appropriate system, these just might be the last cables you will ever need. Keep in mind the old audiophile adage which explains how that after a certain expenditure amount, you must expect to pay increasingly disproportionate extras for modest performance improvements. The Equinox/Starlight/Aurora pack will certainly get you most of what the Silver Eclipse/Gold Starlight/Silver Electra offers and at a considerably lower price. But squeezing that last 10% from your system has always meant a small fortune. However, what lovely sounding percentages those last ones can be.

Quality of packing: Excellent.
Reusability of packing: Appears reusable several times.
Quality of owner's manual: No manual required or supplied.
Condition of component received: Flawless.
Completeness of delivery: Perfect.
Website comments: Excellent. Plenty of info, charts and graphics.
Human interactions: Professional and friendly.
Pricing: Not quite the screaming deal of the Equinox, Starlight and Aurora cables but these step-up models definitely offer greater musical insight and are priced accordingly.

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