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Here are the Russian Tung-Sol reissue stock 6SN7 of the ModWright LS-100.

The Psvane CV-181T are taller and more bulbous as even the horizontally placed Tung-Sol shows off clearly.

This LS-100 of an Audiocircle owner with Shuguang's Black Treasure CV-181 shows white rather than gold bases. The dimensions and shape are the same otherwise. Would they actually sound the same as the Psvane? I'd never know. I wasn't buying a second pair from Shuguang just to find out. This was a private purchase, not official assignment.

ElectroHarmonix, Create Hifi Special Edition, Tung-Sol reissue

Because my tube stock is embarrassingly meager on 6SN7s, all I had to compare were the stock Russians, a fellow pair of ElectroHarmonix and my prior go-to valve, the Create Hifi built by Shuguang with outsourced metal innards. I ran up two weeks of 24/7 signal to properly season the newbs. Right away I realized how far less microphonic they were. Plugging headphones into the powered-up ModWright usually greets me with tube ringing. That's from shoving the plug into the very grippy 6.3mm port. With the Psvane that familiar reaction to physical impact was gone. I felt off to a promising start.