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On features too the Primare trashed the Jadis. Two symmetrical inputs belong on pricier turf. Those are joined by three RCA inputs and one fixed and variable output each. Creature comforts come by way of infrared remote, trigger and RS232 ports which can synchronize operation with for example Primare’s CD32. Then there are digital conveniences like input naming and gain trim/balance per input. Those are doubly appreciated and extra slick because they’re accessible both from the remote and front panel. There’s also dimming or full off for the display which in standard mode confirms the active source and volume strength, in menu mode various adjustment options.

A forthcoming media module will fit into the empty rear slot to add digital inputs and expand functionality to a streaming client which can accept digital data from a network, NAS or Internet radio source. But that’s still future tunes. My I32 loaner was thus fed from my Logitech Transporter or my vinyl front end of Thorens TD-160HD, Benz Micro Gold cart and Lehmann Black Cube II SE phono pre. Speakers of choice were my customary Geithain ME150.

Before I get to sonic impressions, a quickie detour into EU compliance. The much discussed 1275/2008 regulation "Ökodesign Anforderungen an den Stromverbrauch elektrischer und elektronischer Haushalts- und Bürogeräte im Bereitschafts- und im Aus-Zustand" will no later than 2014 make life tough for hifi kit that’s tweaked for top sound without regard for current energy consumption trends.

Discussions about the actual merit of said regulatory missive are legion, particularly so regarding the vanishingly low percentage which hifi usage contributes to the EU’s total energy consumption. How entities and industries of truly flagrant abuse and disregard are protected by exemptions could be cause for civil disobedience. The Primare I32 meanwhile anticipates this future with a standby power draw of 0.2 watts. This machine also won’t encounter aggravation from the low-voltage mandate of 2006/95/EG which controls "die Angleichung der Rechtsvorschriften der Mitgliedstaaten betreffend elektrische Betriebsmittel zur Verwendung innerhalb bestimmter Spannungsgrenzen".

Primare’s speaker terminals are so well insulated that humans and pets are perfectly protected from harm -  "Menschen und Nutztiere angemessen vor den Gefahren einer Verletzung oder anderen Schäden geschützt sind, die durch direkte oder indirekte Berührung verursacht werden können". Here’s to hoping that the brain trust in Brussels won’t outlaw the use of speaker cables on the grounds of safety altogether. End of sermon.