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The twosome makes quite the cosmetic statement.

Let's take the tour. Expectedly, the head unit is half empty with the power supply externalized.

The power supply meanwhile is filled to the brim. It employs the same chassis, requiring that the rear panel with its connector holes be covered up with a solid aluminum plate bolted to it. The 115cm ten-pin umbilical supports bidirectional communications, hence the power mains functionality of the control unit continues unbroken. You turn on the twosome just as you did the single preamp - with the left-most toggle on the front.

And just as before, the motorized attenuator returns to zero while the delayed turn-on protocol protects the valves from thermal shock before the unit becomes operational. The stock tubes supplied are Sovtek 6H30s for the LS 36.5, a pair of RCA 5U4-GBs and RCA 6EM7s each for the PS 36.5. An included mini hex key unbolts the respective four cover screws each to gain access and mount the glass bottles.
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