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By way of virtual introductions, Ivan Lai furnished the following tour of their mainland China manufacturing facility.

"We start with the fully air-conditioned first floor's main, QC and maintenance offices.

"All chassis are outsourced. We design our unique cosmetics and from different suppliers for wood, aluminum and other materials obtain chassis for in-house assembly. We also provide specifications for our transformer and drive unit vendors and they custom-make those parts for us. Thus, IQC needs to check the quality of incoming goods. Here we have rejected IQC items waiting for return to their suppliers and the maintenance service desk.

"All wooden loudspeaker or main amplifier enclosure parts already arrive in piano gloss lacquers. Our spray room paints certain metal parts like transformer covers, front or side panels, bottom covers and such.

"Painted items are wrapped and stocked until further use. The below chassis have already been silk-screened.

"Here is the PCB preparation area. While Miu Audio gears up for its own point-to-point wired amplifier, most our existing models use circuit boards. This room prepares them.

"Here we see component insertion, PCB soldering and completed PCBs.

"In the assembling area, chassis, transformers and PCBs arrive prepped for final assembly.

"A machinery corner allows chassis holes adjustments when needed.

"A component awaits QC. The next photo shows a burn-in rack.

"Here product awaits packaging. Because we are moving our sound testing room to another location on the first floor, we cannot provide photos of it yet. The second floor is for Miu Control although this also serves Miu Audio. Since our CD player and some integrated amplifiers are deliberately designed with a very small foot print, we must keep our PCBs small. Then SMT components become mandatory. Here is an SMT machine.

"Soldering and bonding machines are next.

"And finally, here is the main production line."