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To highlight the people behind the KingRex products, I asked Christine Wu to provide some photos of their factory. She kindly obliged. This is the building out of which KingRex is headquartered - to remain on subject.

This is the entrance and foyer of the KingRex offices.

Here are the two senior engineers Andy and James.

Here are their stations.

Next is the test bench.

Here is an assembly area.

Here is the KingRex audition room.

Vinyl clearly pays an important role.

Any manufacturer outgrowing wood shack beginnings needs bookkeeping, parts buying, sales & marketing and other office functions handled by non-engineering staff. Here are the KingRex office cubicles.

Stocking zone for ship-ready products followed by warehouse.

KingRex's newest more upscale component wedged between the two-box PReference is the Quintessence Series QS-1 below. That is a 50/80wpc into 8/4-ohm Tripath amplifier with aluminum chassis and clear Acrylic front cover.

KingRex appears to still be looking for a signature flourish that might combine its latest crop of more ambitious offerings into a recognizable product family behind a common facade. Thus far, there isn't a strong design cue to hold them all together.