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Enfin! And now on to a discussion of life with the Po’ Lil’ Things. The Things are really beautiful to look at. Much to our astonishment, Stephæn’s better half welcomed them with open arms. As many folks know, it is not always easy to get horns to behave. Our first efforts led us to work with notch filtering of the midrange compression driver as discussed earlier. This moved us in the right direction. Stephæn likes a composed and liquid presentation. We toyed extensively throughout the year of 2010 with the horns and the system to develop said presentation. But in all honestly we did not get all the way there. Whereas we kicked off the Po’ Boys and the Po’ Lil’ things with fourth-order passive crossovers at 350Hz, we eventually tried first-order passive crossovers with the Lil’ Things and feel that this moved us in the correct direction. That said there is still more work to be done.

A crucial point to understand is that when we first heard the Cogent True-to-Life loudspeakers in Ron Welborne’s room at the inaugural Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, they were being run through a digital signal processor (an earlier version of the current DEQX) and bi-amplified with Welborne tube amplifiers. We didn’t know that DEQX was in play until after we had built the Po’ Boys—uh, did we mention Curly, Larry and Moe? Despite the clarity and dynamic abilities of horns they tend to be troubled with irregular frequency response, phase errors and time delay problems. These are exactly the problems that can be efficiently attacked by DEQX. And despite the bad rap horns and digital reproduction sometimes get, we were listening to vinyl through digital in the Welborne room and didn’t even know it. We were loving the musicality and we have heard the same message from others that visited that room.

So at this point we are hoping the very kind folks at DEQX will temporarily provide Stephæn with a DEQX system to be tried with both the Po’ Lil’ Things and the Po’ Boys—in which case Stephæn will be reporting to you on the results of said investigation.

On with the show already! The balance of this article is a series of photos taken during construction and use of the Po’ Lil’ Things. A silent movie as it were. We wish you much enjoyable listening and general fooling around with the wonderful hobby that is audio.
Curly and Larry

2009, May 9:

2009, May 11 & May 16:

2009, May 30: