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Conclusion. For 12.000 euros one should expect definitive somethings. And the folks from Denmark’s Ry agree. Already on cosmetics and finish the Diablo telegraphs that it costs serious bread. The somewhat busy edgy profile might not be to everyone’s taste however. I’d have preferred  somewhat calmer lines. But true beauty is always inner and sonically Gryphon’s Diablo will charm many listeners who are in the market for a legitimately high-end amp in this price range. They’ll obtain a tremendously lit-up yet simultaneously calm treble coupled to exceptionally pleasing highly realistic tone color substance with a wealth of nuances and noticeable cleanliness. But also on soundstaging the bigger dual-mono integrated of the Danes plays it highly differentiated and very physical. This is a machine for dyed-in-the-wool high-end connoisseurs who don’t want the lower ranges chiseled out in ultimate dryness but fancy a tad more rhythmic relaxation with a shot of warmth. Ideal speaker mates will be neutral or somewhat lighter than dead neutral and preferably of the macrodynamically greased sort.

Psych profile:
  • Exceptionally airy, transparent/precise treble that's simultaneously long-term happy.
  • Very organic, saturated, clean and high-contrast rendering of tone colors.
  • A very voluminous somewhat fulsome lower bass which supports a very substantial though still extremely nuanced transparent vocal band.
  • Highly differentiated soundstaging where individual actors become physically tacit and endowed with bodily mass.
  • Superlative microdynamics with real macrodynamic shove but bass textures are more semi-dry than ultimately chiselled and damped with an iron fist.
  • High fit’n’finish commensurate with the sticker. The minor ringing during a top-cover knuckle rap then wasn’t fully commensurate with a machine of this luxury class.


  • Concept: Remote-controlled class A/B transistor amp
  • Dimensions & weight: 48 x 21 x 46cm WxHxD, 35kg
  • Trim: Black
  • I/o ports: 4 x RCA in, fixed/variable RCA outputs, 1 x XLR in, single binding posts
  • Other: Programmable A/V bypass, dimmable display incl. off, nameable inputs, presets for max levels and power-up volume
  • Power consumption: 3:130 watts in standby:idle
  • Warranty: 2 years
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