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The GigaWatt catalogue distinguishes between power strips, power filters and power conditioners. The second category still remains to be filled. There are two passive power strips in MkII guise called PF-1 and PF-2. Respectively they cost €480/780 and €1.170/1.470. The higher prices include a 1.5m length of LC-2 MkII rather than basic LC-1 MkII cord.  
European Schuko model

The conditioner category is made up of four Evo models numbered PC-1 through 4. Only the 3 under review is presently available in SE guise. Pricing again divides into LC-1/LC-2 bundles. 1 through 3 those are €1.590, €2.430 and €3.240, with €300 extra for the better power cable.

Then come the models PC-3 SE Evo and PC-4 Evo. Those bundle with standard LC-2/LS-1 for the former, high-current equivalents for the latter. Here prices are €4.620/6.000 and €6.490/7.860. Separate power cables start out at €29 for a half-meter length of LC-1 MkII. Available accessories include Schuko wall sockets (€85/170 for single/duplex) and more. This addresses all budgets. Today's review of course plays the high end. And not just in Adam's portfolio. By anyone's standards six large for an AC conditioner plus power cord are serious business. This warrants serious hardware.

LC-3/LS-1 cords

As the gleaming silver-clad power distribution bars show, the real filtering tucks beneath the sheets of six canisters like tube amp transformers. Unlike some, GigaWatt rewards our financial outlay with a subjectively fair amount of raw material in trade. This isn't a $2.195/pr 4-inch Bybee Quantum mystery. I'd been solicited to review their latest bullets but the inner cynic balked. One really wonders what's inside those to justify such a stiff tariff. Here Mr. Schubert's cans too pique any real hifi cat's curiosity.