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The sound with the PC-4 opened up very nicely not because of increased treble energy. As stated earlier, from the first moment you have the impression that the upper midrange with the conditioner is smoother and darker. Despite that, everything is clearer, soundstage depth expands and so do the spaces between the performers as though everybody on stage moved away from each other so you can see them better.

This hilarious effect of better clarity with a smoother top end was easily noticeable on e.s.t.’s Viaticum especially on my favorite track"The Well-wisher". It is very warm and focused on coherence. Any extraction of details isn't good because sounds start to stick to each other. The recording was mastered such that the sound is very dense and it has to be played with utmost precision to not ruin the whole effect. I think that my system manages it very well and I liked it before with the power strip. But with the PC-4 it got even better - much better. Better is a cliché like putting a pillow under your head  but I can't help it - better is what you get when using a PC-4 in your system.

It doesn't have to be a positive effect in every system though. Just to make it clear, I am talking about really well assembled hi-end systems, even über systems. If the sound is too warm it will improve too but you will not get all the micro information the PC-4 offers. It will work better if the top end is a bit too bright or the bass lacks a bit in control. The PC-4 is able to modify that and diminish the thickness of the low end. The point is, not everybody has to like the effect. In audio an objective better isn't always better to particular users. Objectively the PC-4 is a step in the right direction, a great foundation for future changes in a system. Not every system is prepared for this conditioner, not each of them will respond in such an attractive dynamic way as it does with the power strip. The advantages described will be present but they could fail to be decisive. On the other hand if you already have an almost perfect system that merely needs the final touch—or if you want a foundation for the system to build around—then you must check out this Polish power conditioner. There will be audible changes in quality, not quantity.

The sound will change in the above ways but it’s not about how much is changed but rather, how it is different. The sound with this device becomes richer, deeper and more mature, definitely better settled between the loudspeakers. It is a beautifully crafted, audibly beneficial Polish design that one can be you proud to own. Maybe it is not for everyone by not always changing the sound in a way we like it but it is a kind of ultimate device – the one that can become the bed rock on which to assemble a system.