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The OPT® alterations had mandated a progression of Gallo's patented CDT Cylindrical Diaphragm Tweeter to a 3rd-gen iteration.

The clamshell CDT bracket exists in two versions to accommodate vertical or horizontal orientation between the two spheres.

My earlier article described the audible relevance of the tapered bevel bands. They ride atop the stainless steel cups and alter the geometry of the earlier 'simple sphere' approach.

Gallo's S2 technology alters the air density behind the driver to suggest a larger than actual enclosure volume.

OTP™ relies on precisely administered torque of driver basket to enclosure to properly transfer mechanical vibrations. The only way to guarantee that was by foregoing conventional basket lip screws. Instead Gallo pulls its 4-inch Carbon fiber mid/woofers into their half spheres from behind with a massive single bolt that grabs directly into the driver magnet casing.

Contour and perforation size of the integral grill weren't left to chance either and play a measurable role in the driver's loading. Again, the original article contains those details.

As is clear, a lot more goes into a Strada than is apparent from the finished product.

Put differently, the Strada's complex geometry and various steel parts rather transcend the ubiquitous MDF boxes of most bookshelf monitors.

Assembly perfection clearly relies on tight tolerances of the various custom parts. Getting these puzzle pieces fabricated by various vendors to seamlessly join together is likely its own nightmare. Of course Anthony Gallo's model history is filled with a flippant finger at easy. RoundSound is a catchy marketing slogan and URL. Making it happen in the round would also seem a catchall for more than a few deft curses.

The fully assembled Strada's innards are quite crammed. That bypass capacitor for the DC inductance canceling paralleled caps is a costly TRT Dynamic Cap.