Fostex FE166E in Abbys
Comments: As described in the previous page, these enclosures elevated the FE166Es to a highly recommended status. Note that with a current source, you need different values and a higher damping figure is appropriate. This seems to be a general characteristic of rear-loading and I think you can expect it with most of these drivers. You will probably also find that with a current source and R0 at 10 ohms, a half pound of Dacron sitting in the bottom end of the pipe smoothes out the bass a bit. This is not necessarily needed with a voltage source unless you think the bass is a overdone, which is not likely.

Fostex FE204E
Comments: The FE204E is an older Fostex design and no longer listed for sale but on the assumption that you might already own one (which I do), it is included here. We were able to get marginal improvement on the top end and dramatic results on the bottom. Comparing it to the older FE208E, it doesn't extend as low in the bass but the upper mids seemed a bit smoother if less detailed.

Fostex FE206E
Comments: This is my other favorite Fostex driver. If you are looking for more or louder bass than you are getting with a FE166E and you're willing to give up a little top end detail, then this is a good choice. It will take more power, has a 96dB sensitivity and if the specs don't lie, it also has the greatest excursion of the bunch. They sell for $84 and if I were on a tight budget, I would consider this or the FE166E as best buys.

Fostex FE208E
Comments: Like the FE204E, the FE208E is also one of the older generation of Fostex 8-inch designs. Dick Olsher showcased it in his BassZilla project and until more recently, it was a darling of the Fostex lineup. It now suffers limited availability and may be discontinued but if you have one, you can put it to good use. Like Dick's, the EQ network looks to take some of the upper midrange out as it can get tiring over time, but you will instantly notice the 10dB improvement in the bass.