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The Twin turntable id manufactured by the German company Dr. Feickert Analogue founded and led by Christian Feickert. Currently it is the only turntable from that company and supplied with tone arms from other firms. On the website we find propositions for Kuzma, DaVinci, Mørch, Dynavector, SME and Graham. For some time there also had been a version in preparation for a Jelco tonearm and that's what I tested. It is worth mentioning that Jelco also was chosen by another German turntable manufacturer (Transrotor) to supply arms for their turntables over the Rega RB250.

In the platter there is a cut hole to place it atop the aluminum sleeve which is the upper part of the inverted grease bearing. The end of the shaft is threaded for a disc clamp. The review was made without it. An optional heavier platter is available which adds metal weights. The tone arm is mounted to a movable three-layer plywood base (a pity that's not a 72-layer 'bullet-proof' plywood like Clearaudio uses which is much more rigid and hard) and that base can be ordered bored out for any kind of arm.

The motor is placed next to the turntable and mounted inside a thick cylinder. That is placed on a thick metal base with control buttons. The speed control is by microprocessor and quartz reference. You can change the speed between 33 1/3 and 45 rpm and tweak it precisely. None of the controls are described and you have to reference the manual to operate them. I think minimal inscriptions would be handy.

The turntable was delivered with the double-pivot, oil-damped 10.5" S-shape Jelco tone arm. The signal is output by the company's JAC-501 cable made from OFC copper and connected with a classic DIN plug with gold-plated pins. The review set was completed with a Benz Micro Wood SL cartridge, one of the newest models from this Swiss company. In their 'S' series we have the S L, S M and S H models with different output levels.

At 0.4mV the S L reviewed has the lower output voltage. Its body is made from Bruyere wood as also used in the upper Reference S and Ruby 3. The coils are wounded in a Benz Micro patented technology called cross coil. The Boron cantilever has a diameter of 0.28mm to create a very low effective mass for the moving system. The diamond has a Dynascan Gyger S cut.

Technical data of the Wood S L (according to manufacturer):
Output voltage: 0.4 mV
Cantilever (Boron): 0.28 mm
Diamond cut: Dynascan
Coil: cross
Diamond dimensions (μm): 5x120
Internal impedance (W): 12
Load (W): >100
Weight (g): 9
Compliance (μm/mN): 15
Tracking weight (g): 1.6 - 1.9
Channel balance: 1 dB
Channel separation (1 kHz): >35dB
Jelco Oil S-Shape 10.5": 3000 zł
Benz Micro Wood S L: 4300 zł
Dr. Feickert Analogue website