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For doubters of cool who are already heating up in the jury box, here's further evidence from Munich. The sub on central static display showed off a custom floral motif. Around back the plinth sports multiple low-level inputs for various sources and outputs for the satellites. The chunky master volume sits upfront within easy reach. And yes, that bare cutaway sphere is the raw subwoofer carcass prior to woofer mounting and paint job.

Called Venus, the coaxial egg with proposed wire suspension below seems ideal for restaurants and boutiques. Properly angled this speaker could intermingle with other ceiling fixtures like lights and fans to be concealed in plain view. Downtown Vevey has a very hip coffee bar run by a Portuguese. Its interior design would welcome a few Venusses to replace the present square Tannoy boxes. A diner in New Mexico's Roswell veritably screamed for an EBTB makeover [Terra C with ceiling mount to right].

For stereo descents into the depths, EBTB showed a new tower stand with integral subwoofer for their various monitors. The catalogue also includes floor and wall stands. Now let's get down with the freshly minted Terra III.

Shown here next to a leathered-up Terra II in classy Ivory white, the III obviously inherited the same front-ported two-way concept. The rear-sloping baffle simply became thicker and now is radiused in both the horizontal and vertical axes. Around back we still get the clever carrying handle, the chunky HF contour knob with laser-cut logo, the nicely spaced terminals and the height-adjustable footers to control time alignment based on listener height and distance.

For further distinctions hidden either inside away from view; or driver changes; or improved specifications; one needs the intel straight from the maker. [The suspended Venus with integral stand turns into the orange Pluto at right].

An earlier show exhibit with very attractive stands for the Terra II; new Terra III and Terra C at Munich below

response curves for Terra III

"Where the Terra II used a Vifa tweeter, the Terra III gets a Wavecor unit. The mid/woofer is by Morel. The crossover is a 3rd-order Butterworth type placed at 3.8kHz. Sensitivity is 86dB and recommended power is 35 to 150Wrms. The core differences versus the earlier model are the new tweeter, the revised crossover, the enclosure with its 25% larger volume for better bass, how the enclosure is manufactured (by high-pressure molding) and the composite front panel which in the Terra II was MDF. Special attention was paid also to make the Terra III easier to service in the field."

[The photo shows the 1000-watt Sputnik 12S active 12-inch subwoofer in black between a Terra C and Terra III.]