I suppose you should start off knowing that you need a reasonably modern computer with a Windows 2000 or XP operating system for the initial setup and the experimentation period that will undoubtedly follow. Subtle changes during the post-calibration period may be made via the comprehensive remote control which amongst many other things includes preset EQ points of 110Hz, 440Hz and 3500Hz that are fully adjustable and assignable to 99 memories. Then you need to install the included DEQX software CD-ROM as a program in your computer. Apropos, you need confidence in navigating Windows, using various menus, managing files etc - no geeky nerdy stuff but reasonable, maybe even average 21st century computing skills. Technophobes are in for a workout. Then again, I don't think the type of audiophile that uses an abacus will ever purchase the DEQX.

Having said that, the PDC's software installation, functions and tasks are all facilitated and simplified by the ubiquitous wizard interface (common Windows navigational step-by-step task helper). "What's the deal with this computer bizzo then?", you ask. Well, your computer becomes the conduit to the DEQX's configuration functions.

Apologies for the use of a hackneyed analogy: the computer here is the brain. It controls, instigates, determines and commands various actions such as room measurement or parametric equalization etc. The microphone is the artery that supplies the brain with blood and sustenance (data for processing room measurements etc) and the USB cable becomes the blood stream or nervous system that communicates the brain's instructions to the body - the active/ reactive part of the system that is the DEQX PDC-2.6P proper.

All applications and relevant adjustments are controlled via the I/O Manager which is configured or graphically depicted like a control console.

Let's configure the system first, in other words inform the PDC about the nature of our system. Are your speakers two-ways? Are you bi-amping or using a single amplifier? One or two subwoofers? And so on and so forth.