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The solicitation email also included graphs. And a byline. "We will have a limited number of Maraschinos by October. Are you interested in reviewing this new product?" This wasn't yet another reboxed ICEpower amp so I said yes. With a proviso. I'd have tech questions to describe how DAC amps differ from competitors. The big silent treatment wouldn't do. And I'd either crack an amp open for inside pix or ask that equivalent images be provided. The fact that you're reading this means Tommy O agreed. Here's how he put it: "Inside pix will be difficult because they go together in intricate fashion. The base requires new hardware once it's taken apart. We can provide inside photos taken prior to final assembly. And yes we'd be willing to answer some questions about the technology."

Basic specs are 22dB voltage gain, 119dB S/N ratio, 0.002% THD+N, <0.04Ω output impedance, 2.2V input sensitivity to generate 200-watt output into 4Ω, 0 - 20kHz response, 20KΩ input impedance and universal mains voltage tolerance of 100-270VAC 50-60Hz.

Having followed the Cherry amp evolution via their dedicated Audiocircle forum, I'd observed a strong desire to break out of relative obscurity and crack the barriers of mainstream credibility. I'd even ended up on a mass email list updating me on each and every Cherry mention in various online media before I opted out. That's a common challenge for direct-sales companies. Without a dealer network their sole visibility comes from reviews yet most print publications insist on a minimum number of dealers to grant reviews. Owner enthusiasm on the forums is a highly viable sales tactic of course. Given the nature of fan boys and trolls, some buyers simply also want more 'formal' recognition to endorse legitimacy. Does such stuff hold up to established leaders in the sector? I had Hypex-based AURALiC Merak monos and a Pascal-based Gato Audio DIA-250 on loan to take just such a measure.

The "much wider bandwidth than other class D" claim must apply to the LF rather than HF end of the spectrum.

To generate owner reviews, Digital Amplifier Company newsletter subscribers had this early adopter offer. "As thanks for being a subscriber we are offering you a very special deal until the end of November. Simply PayPal $1900 USD and we will ship you your very own pair of brand new Maraschino monoblocks! Here's the fine print. By accepting this deal you agree to provide a review which includes an equipment list. We will contact you separately to arrange shipping. This deal has our standard 30-day money back guarantee and 3-year limited warranty."