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"The 55pm is an entirely different circuit with a new power chip and not related to the 25i/25p platform. For now it'll be available only in mono form. The board is bigger because power dissipation is higher. If I were to introduce a 55i, I'd like to add remote control but for now I'm still too busy with the DAC project. As you know our Chinese New Year is a very long holiday. I don't think the remote will happen until March. I'd rather not push my metal fabricators into producing the wand now or I fear they won't be in the mood to do any work for me at all, haha.
55pm amplification modules

"About the Clones Audio name and how it ties to my original gainclone, you're correct. Going forward that meaning won't apply. But remember that I never figured on things going this far. The name has become my signature so I'll continue with it. On the AP1, it's again a very simple circuit, just as simple as its opamp data sheet. It's built around the AD815 which I spotted in an old Jeff Rowland flagship amp. My scheme of it sticks to the gainclone idea. You could say that I simply moved the circuit from the power amp to the preamp and added a regulator. And you're right, I had no need for a high-gain preamp since my amps already produce a high 30dB of voltage gain. So the AP1 only has something like 2 to 2.5 x gain. Its input impedance is 100KΩ and its output impedance 30Ω.

In the amp that fat cross brace doubles as heatsink for the opamp to turn the entire case into an effective thermal absorber. Four voltage regulators hover above the toroidal power transformer.

"The 55pm is built around the Overture LM3886. I found that the 3875 wasn't ideal at high voltages and ran quite a bit hotter. But honestly the LM3886 sounds a bit warmer than the 3875. I had to spent quite some time getting it as close to the 25pm as possible. That's also important to folks who decide to biamp with the stereo or even integrated amp as you suggested. Voltage gain remains 30dB but the output power of the new monos scales up to 55 watts into 8Ω and 100 into 4Ω."

"To offset some of my cost increases and upgrades—costlier fuses, Cardas silver solder etc—and allow for dealers, I had to transition to euro pricing. The figures remain the same but the currency in front of them changed. That makes the AP1 preamp €549, the 25i integrated €629, the 25p stereo €529, the 25pm monos €829/pr and a pair of 55pm monos €899.

Top-class silver WBT 0708 posts are a €75 option exclusive to the monos.
  "The mPSU power supply upgrade for the MacMini is €499 and the forthcoming Sheva DAC will be €1'399 standard and €1'799 for the Signature version. To offset these adjustments global shipping is now free. By the way, I'm using a full Black Cat Cable loom. It's really good reasonably priced product. I’ve got their USB cable and Silver interconnect and speaker cable plus one more copper interconnect. This stuff is an excellent match with ours. I find that solid-core cables work very well with my amps, especially at speaker level. The Seva converters will be hi-res compatible and based on the Sabre ESS9018 chip, hence DSD and DXD 24/384 ready, with USB, coax, BNC, Toslink, I²S and AES/EBU. I believe these machines will bring brand awareness for Clones Audio to a much higher level."

At this rate a front-to-back Clones system was within view. Just add computer, cables and speakers. To stick with the keep-it-small theme for loudspeakers, I had Boenicke's CHF3'500 W5, Gallo's $999 Strada2, Amphion's same-priced Ion+ and a newly arrived heavyweight, Prime Audio's €1'250 Tone carved from solid Finnish soapstone. That would present our freshly minted monos with a stone-faced 81dB (in)sensitivity spec. Would there be hunger in these games? Reader Torry didn't think so.

Denuding capacitors for the AP1 preamp and Sheva DAC.

"I own a hifi company in Norway. I sell very good electronics but am not entirely satisfied yet with my overall assortment of loudspeakers. That's difficult. I am always looking for small easy-load floorstanders between €2'000 - €4'000. The Irish Eist Dubh you plan to review look interesting. For now my biggest hit are the Clones Audio products. I received a splendid review of their 25i in our biggest Norwegian hifi magazine. Now I'm really waiting for his DAC. I think it could be killer. I was Funjoe's very first distributor."