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Here is the analog board with its twin multi-pin sockets for the double-decking digital topper.

This assembly sports a number of socketed JRC 2114D opamps from New Japan Radio Ltd. as we've already seen 'em in the Xonar Essence One from Asus.

Adventurous folk could feel compelled to uncork opamps and start getting high rolling.

There's also a current 32-bit 192kHz BurrBrown PCM1795 stereo D/A converter chip...

... and a number of these small capacitors.

Rounding out the delivery in its professional presentation box is a small but heavy laptop-style SMPS with two-prong cord and figure-8 receiver; and a driver install CD for Windows users. My quad-core fully maxed-out 27" iMac would be good to go as is and was.